Hoyer Tank Tainers

GAC Laser has been appointed the agency of Hoyer Global for South Africa.

HOYER, the international logistics company, is one of the worldwide market leaders in moving liquids by road, rail and sea. Wherever it has to go, HOYER will get chemical products, foodstuffs, gas and mineral oil to their destinations safely and efficiently.

The family company, HOYER, has been in existence for over sixty years.

Profit-oriented business administration taking the concerns of the environment and staff into account has been and still is the core element of our management philosophy - the philosophy that has made HOYER so successful and has led to its current size.

In future markets, the tone will be set by those logistics companies which are in a position to offer integrated logistics solutions. HOYER is a pioneer in this field and has developed logistics services as the perfect complement to its other activities. Our relationship with our customers has always been one of partnership and trust. Something that we at HOYER are proud of.

HOYER Global Transport BV headquartered in Rotterdam is a fully-owned subsidiary of Hamburg-based HOYER GmbH. The full-service provider offers worldwide transport and logistics solutions for primarily liquid products in tank containers, tank trucks and flexitanks. The range of products comprises at total of approx. 80,000 different materials from the areas of chemicals, food and gases, including dangerous goods. This also includes both high-quality special products with special logistics requirements and standardized bulk goods.