With a warehousing capacity of 28 000sqm and access to additional warehouse space, GAC Laser offers value-add packing, palletising , labeling of product and specialised cargo handling. BGAC Laser also manufacture customer crates, boxes and specialised boxes to meet your specific requirements and built to the highest quality, strength and safety standards.

The company’s storage facilities are equipped with web-enabled inventory tracking and storage for standard pallet, shelved, hanging garment and bulk commodities.

Track record in serving diverse sectors

Our extensive experience ranges over many products including:

  • Apparel
  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Spare parts
  • Electronics
  • Timber

24/7 customer support

With a dedicated team assigned to each account, customers are always assured of prompt assistance for all their needs.  Whether it is a request for delivery updates, cargo movement or emergency support, GAC Laser is available round-the-clock.

Flexible solutions

Offering flexibility in a wide range of delivery options, our solutions are tailored to customers’ unique requirements.  With GAC’s global coverage as well as strong carrier and supplier relationships, we promise time-definite deliveries wherever the destination.

Modern IT Capabilities

Our advanced IT system plays a key role in providing customers with the visibility of their cargo at every step of the supply chain.

To ensure reliable communication and effective reporting for its Principals, GAC Laser is continuously updating its IT software, coupled with robust network, firewall and back-up applications, ensuring that operations data is captured efficiently.  In addition to monitoring cargo movement, our systems are able to generate management reports on statistics, inventory flow and key performance indicators and is fully comply with ISPS and other local regulations.

Compliance to international security standards

GAC Laser exercises due vigilance and diligence to comply with measures to ensure the highest security standards for our customers.  In addition to being part of a CTPAT network, we are also compliant with US Customs AMS regulation.