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Term Definition

Agency for International Development.


Always Afloat. A contract term requiring that the vessel notrest on the ground. In some ports the ship is aground when approaching or atberth.


Against All Risks (insurance clause). Association of AmericanRailroads.


A point beyond the midpoint of a ships length towards the rearor stern.


A proceeding wherein a shipper/consignee seeks authority toabandon all or parts of their cargo.


A discount allowed for damage or overcharge in the payment of abill.


Referring to cargo being put or laden onto a means ofconveyance.


A time draft (or bill of exchange) that the drawee (payer) has accepted and is unconditionally obligated to pay at maturity.Broadly speaking any agreement to purchase goods under specified terms.

Accessorial Charges

Charges that are applied to the base tariff rate or base contract rate e.g.bunkers container currency destination/delivery.


When a bill of lading is accepted or signed by a shipper orshippers agent without protest the shipper is said to acquiesce to the termsgiving a silent form of consent.


A written receipt in full in discharge from all claims.

Act of God

An act beyond human control such as lightning flood orearthquake.

Ad Valorem

A term from Latin meaning according to value. Import dutyapplied as a percentage of the cargos dutiable value.

Administrative Law Judge

A representative of a government commission or agency vestedwith power to administer oaths examine witnesses take testimony and conducthearings of cases submitted to or initiated by that agency. Also called HearingExaminer.

Admiralty (Adm.)

Refers to marine matters such as an Admiralty Court.

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