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Term Definition
C TPAT (Customs Trade Partnership Agains

A voluntary supply chain security partnership established by U.S. Customs and Border Protection in November 2001. Meeting the C TPAT standards allows cargo owners faster processing through customs formalities and inspections.

C&amp,F Terms of Sale or INCOTERM

Obsolete although heavily used term of sale meaning cargo and freight whereby Seller pays for cost of goods and freight charges up to destination port. In July 1990 the International Chamber of Commerce replaced C&amp,F with CFR.


Water transportation term applicable to shipments between ports of a nation, commonly refers to coastwise or intercoastal navigation or trade. Many nations including the United States have cabotage laws which require national flag vessels to provide domestic interport service.


Currency Adjustment Factor. A charge expressed as a percentage of a base rate that is applied to compensate ocean carriers of currency fluctuations.

Cancelled B/L

B/L status, used to cancel a processed B/L, usually per shippers request, different from voided B/L.

Capesize Vessel

A dry bulk vessel above 80000dwt or whose beam precludes passage via the Panama Canal and thus forces them to pass around Cape Horn or the Cape of Good Hope

Captains Protest

A document prepared by the captain of a vessel on arriving at port, shows conditions encountered during voyage generally for the purpose of relieving ship owner of any loss to cargo and shifting responsibility for reimbursement to the insurance company.

Car Pooling

Use of individual carrier/rail equipment through a central agency for the benefit of carriers and shippers.

Car Seal

Metal strip and lead fastener used for locking freight car or truck doors. Seals are numbered for record purposes.


A barge equipped with tracks on which up to approximately 12 railroad cars are moved in harbours or inland waterways.


Freight loaded into a ship.

Cargo Manifest

A manifest that lists all cargo carried on a specific vessel voyage.

Cargo NOS

Cargo Not Otherwise Specified. Usually the rate entry in a tariff that can apply to commodities not covered under a specific item or subitem in the applicable tariff.

Cargo Preference

Cargo reserved by a Nations laws for transportation only on vessels registered in that Nation. Typically the cargo is moving due to a direct or indirect support or activity of the Government.

Cargo Tonnage

Most ocean freight is billed on the basis of weight or measurement tons (W/M). Weight tons can be expressed in short tons of 2000 pounds long tons of 2240 pounds or metric tons of 1000 kilos (2204.62 pounds). Measurement tons are usually expressed as cargo measurement of 40 cubic feet (1.12 meters) or cubic meters (35.3 cubic feet.)

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