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Term Definition

 Dangerous and Hazardouscargo.


Doing Business As. Alegal term for conducting business under a registered name.


Department of Transportation. The executive branch departmentthat coordinates and oversees transportation functions in the specific country.


Destination DeliveryCharge. A charge based on container size that is applied in many tariffs tocargo. This charge is considered accessorial and is added to the base oceanfreight. This charge covers crane lifts off the vessel drayage of the containerwithin the terminal and gate fees at the terminal operation.


One leg of a move without a paying cargo load. Usually refers torepositioning an empty piece of equipment


A long ton of cargo that can be stowed in less than 40 cubicfeet.

DeadweightTonnage (DWT)

The number of tons of 2240 pounds that a vessel can transport ofcargo stores and bunker fuel. It is the difference between the number of tonsof water a vessel displaces light and the number of tons it displaces whensubmerged to the load line. An approximate conversion ratio is 1NT = 1.7GT and1GT = 1.5DWT.


Place where loose or other non containerized cargo is ungroupedfor delivery.


The weight by which a shipment is less than the minimum weight.


Order to pick up goods at a named place and deliver them to apier. Usually issued by exporter to trucker but may apply to a railroad whichcompletes delivery by land. Use is limited to a few major U.S. ports. Also known as shippingdelivery order.


Demurrage/Despatch money. (Under vessel chartering terms theamount to be paid if the ship is loading/discharging slower/faster thanforeseen.)


A penalty charge against shippers or consignees for delaying thecarriers equipment or vessel beyond the allowed free time. The free time anddemurrage charges are set forth in the charter party or freight tariff.


The weight of cargo per cubic foot or other unit.

Department of HomelandSecurity (DHS)

Single integrated agency focused on protecting the American people and theirhomeland.


Container freight station or a designated area where emptycontainers can be picked up or dropped off.

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