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Term Definition

Eastern Weighing and Inspection Bureau.

Edge Protector

An angle piece fitted over the edge of boxes crates bundles andother packages to prevent the pressure from metal bands or other types fromcutting into the package.


Electronic Data Interface. Generic term for transmission oftransactional data between computer systems. EDI is typically via a batchedtransmission usually conforming to consistent standards.


International data interchange standards sponsored by the UnitedNations.

Electronic Data Interchange for Administ

International standard for EDI (standards work toward universal internationalconventions for electronic data interchange).

Electronic DataInterchange (EDI)

Transfer of data between different companies using networks (ex. Internet).

Electronic Manifest (EManifest)

Submission of a manifest electronically.


A charge for services performed in connection with floatingelevators. Charges assessed for the handling of grain through grain elevators.


Order to restrict the hauling of freight.

Eminent Domain

The sovereign power to take property for a necessary public usewith reasonable compensation.

Empty Repo

Contraction for Empty Repositioning. The movement of emptycontainers.


A legal signature usually placed on the reverse of a draft,signifies transfer of rights from the holder to another party.


Customs documents required to clear an import shipment for entryinto the general commerce of a country.


A monetary allowance to the customer for picking up ordelivering at a point other than the destination shown on the bill of lading.This provision is covered by tariff publication.

Equipment InterchangeReceipt (EIR)

A document transferring a container from one carrier to anotheror to/from a terminal.

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