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General Agreement onTariffs and Trade. A multilateral treaty to help reduce trade barriers betweenthe signatory countries and to promote trade through tariff concessions. TheWorld Trade Organization (WTO) superseded GATT in 1994.


 Government Bill ofLading.


General Department StoreMerchandise. A classification of commodities that includes goods generallyshipped by mass merchandise companies. This commodity structure occurs only inservice contracts.

GeneralOrder (G.O.)

When U.S. Customs orders shipments without entries to be kept intheir custody in a bonded warehouse.

GeneratorSet (Gen Set)

A portable generator which can be attached to a refrigeratedcontainer to power the refrigeration unit during transit.

GlobalMaritime Intelligence Integration

It is within the Office of the Director of National Intelligencewith the mission to ensure government wide access to maritime information anddata critical to intelligence production and to serve as the focal point andoversight agent for maritime specific information issues.

Go Down

In the Far East a warehouse where goods are stored anddelivered.


The front rails of the chassis that rise above the plane of thechassis and engage in the tunnel of a container leading to the connection totractor.


General Rate Increase.Used to describe an across the board tariff rate increase implemented byconference members and applied to base rates.

GrossTonnage (GT)

Applies to vessels not to cargo (0.2+0.02 log10V) where V is thevolume in cubic meters of all enclosed spaces on the vessel. Since 1994 itreplaces Gross Registered Tonnage. An approximate conversion ratio is 1NT =1.7GT and 1GT = 1.5DWT.


Entire weight of goods packaging and freight car or containerready for shipment. Generally 80000 pounds maximum container cargo and tractorfor highway transport.


A consolidation service putting small shipments into containersfor shipment.


Gross Vehicle Weight. Thecombined total weight of a vehicle and its container inclusive of prime mover.

Harmonized System Code (HS Code)

A universally accepted classification system for trade goods used to classifyproducts and their corresponding tariff.

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