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Term Definition

The time that the container was discharged (grounded) from thetrain.


Railroad terminal where containers are received or delivered andtrains loaded or discharged. Originally trailers moved onto the rearmostflatcar via a ramp and driven into position in a technique known as circusloading. Most modern rail facilities use lifting equipment to positioncontainers onto the flatcars.

Ramp to Door

A movement where the load initiates at an origin rail ramp andterminates at a consignees door.

Ramp to Ramp

A movement of equipment from an origin rail ramp to adestination rail ramp only.


A formula of the specific factors or elements that control themaking of a rate. A rate can be based on any number of factors (i.e. weightmeasure equipment type package box etc.).


Changing the consignee or destination on a bill of lading whileshipment is still in transit. Diversion has substantially the same meaning.


A right claim against the guarantors of a loan or draft or billof exchange.


A label required on shipments of flammable articles.


Refrigerated container.


A group of points to which rates are made the same as or inrelation to rates to other points in group.


To transfer containers from one ship to another when bothvessels are controlled by the same network (carrier) manager.


Funds sent by one person to another as payment.


Articles handled only under certain conditions.

RevenueTon (RT)

A ton on which the shipment is freighted. If cargo is rated asweight or measure (W/M) whichever produces the highest revenue will beconsidered the revenue ton. Weights are based on metric tons and measures arebased on cubic meters. RT=1 MT or 1 CBM.


An inland point provided by an all water carriers through billof lading in the U.S.by first discharging the container in an East Coast port

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