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Term Definition
Admiralty (Adm.)

Refers to marine matters such as an Admiralty Court.


To move cargo up line to a vessel leaving sooner than the onebooked.

Advanced Charge

Transportation charge advanced by one carrier to another to becollected by the later carrier from the consignor or consignee.

Advanced Notice ofArrival (ANOA)

Any vessel entering United States waters from a foreignport is required to give a 96 hour ANOV. Any vessel of 300 gross registeredtonnage and greater is required to give the ANOA to the U.S. Coast GuardsNational Vessel Movement Centre. Any vessel under 300 gross registered tons isrequired to give the ANOA to the appropriate Captain of the Port.


Shipment of goods on shippers own account. A bill of adventureis a document signed by the master of the ship that carries goods at ownersrisk. Also a term used in some insurance policies to mean a voyage or ashipment.

Advice of Shipment

A notice sent to a local or foreign buyer advising that shipmenthas gone forward and containing details of packing routing etc. A copy of theinvoice is often enclosed and if desired a copy of the bill of lading.

Advising Bank

A bank operating in the sellers country that handles letters ofcredit on behalf of a foreign bank.

Affreightment Contract of

An agreement by an ocean carrier to provide cargo space on avessel at a specified time and for a specified price to accommodate an exporteror importer.

Aframax Tanker

A vessel of 70000 to 119000 DWT capacity. The largest tanker size in theAFRA (average freight rate assessment) tanker rate system.


Movement toward the stern (back end) of a ship.

Agency Tariff

A tariff published by an agent on behalf of several carriers.

Agent (Agt.)

A person authorized to transact business for and in the name ofanother person or company.

Aggregate Shipment

Numerous shipments from different shippers to one consignee thatare consolidated and treated as a single consignment.

Agreed valuation

The value of a shipment agreed upon in order to secure aspecific freight rate.

Agreed Weight

The weight prescribed by agreement between carrier and shipperfor goods shipped in certain packages or in a certain number.

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