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Term Definition
Assessment of Duties and Taxes

Determining the amount of duties and taxes payable.


A term commonly used in connection with a bill of lading. Itinvolves the transfer of rights title and interest in order to assign goods byendorsing the bill of lading.


Behind a vesselMove in a reverse direction.


Any time Day or Night Sundays &amp, Holidays Included. A chartering termreferring to when a vessel will work.

Athwart ships

A direction across the width of a vessel.

Automated Commercial Environment (ACE)

U.S. Customs electronic data system that provides support for ensuring tradecompliance enforcing trade and contraband laws and providing service andinformation to the international trade community.

Automated IdentificationSystem (AIS)

It is a system used by ships and Vessel Traffic Service (VTS)principally for the identification and the locating of vessels. AIS provide ameans for ships to electronically exchange ship data including identificationposition course and speed with other nearby ships and VTS stations.

Avoirdupois Pound

Same as 0.4535924277 kilograms.


Always within Institute Warranties Limits (Insurance purpose).


 Bill of Lading.

B/L Terms &amp,Conditions

The fine print on B/L, defines what the carrier can and cannot do including thecarriers liabilities and contractual agreements.

B/Ls Status

represents whether the bill of lading has been input rated reconciledprinted or released to the customer.


To haul a shipment back over part of a route it has travelled.


 Bunker Adjustment Factor.Used to compensate steamship lines for fluctuating fuel costs. Sometimes calledFuel Adjustment Factor or FAF.

Balloon Freight

Light bulky articles.

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